Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Secret Ingredient

When I think about this past winter, all I see is cold, dark, grey, black and I feel myself getting sucked into the cave, so I consciously tell myself to turn it off, walk away. I need to put it in a room and lock the door. I don't remember any particular thing, just a dank blur and my head starts to spin in confusion and quease {which is apparently not a word, but should be}.

I promised G an iPhone for xmas and yesterday was the first day I felt taking him to the Apple Store at the mall was tenable. Our trip may have been facilitated by him dropping his phone down the stairs and smashing it, but I had promised, which was weighing on me. So we all went to the mall and lived to tell the tale.

And now I'm sitting on the porch as the day ends listening to a bunch of guys play basketball in my driveway and the little toddler yapping adorably on the porch next door which reminds me of my toddlers and makes me wish I had a better memory for details.

Life goes on, things change and they stay the same. Move forward, maybe, locking certain things in rooms and learning from others is the best we can do.

Of course, I'm moving forward with my Vitamix which is making fruit and secret ingredient smoothies that my kids will actually drink. Today's secret ingredient was celery, so my eldest ingested a vegetable painlessly, unknowingly, which causes me great joy.

My smoothie was a thick, very dark, intimidating green and quite good. I pulverized romaine lettuce, celery, ginger, half a lemon, parsley an apple and a handful of almonds. I'm working myself up to kale, I still find it too frightening, that stuff looks like it wants to bite you, but I'll get there because we're moving forward, right?

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  1. Kale does want to bite you; see this scar? Take heart; nothing scares Kale more than a Vitamix, and a woman unafraid to use it.