Friday, March 2, 2012

Transfused and Confused

I'm squeamish, that's a fact. Always have been, always will be. I'm used to getting blood drawn and being poked and pricked from every direction and I don't fuss or flinch and I definitely, don't look. Once I look I'm a goner, I can't so much as see a syringe go into an orange. So the idea of a blood transfusion had me worried, I thought as soon as I saw the bag of blood I'd be woozy. Turns out, it doesn't really look like blood, it's not that shiny red, it's a dark purple so no problem at all.

What made me queasy was signing the consent form which tells you all the things that might be in the blood and at what corresponding risk level. HIV 1:900,000, tick-borne parasite 1:3,000, I don't really like those odds, but what are you going to do?

Blood transfusion = almost 7 hours in the cancer chair and I didn't even get one of the ones that reclines all the way. I'm told within 48 hours I could be feeling a lot better, and I hope that's the case, I am really due for a little upswing. My blood pressure was 80/50 when I got there which I guess is pretty low, so I'm in need of a Transylvanian boost. I wonder who's blood I got, it's a strange feeling. A friend said she was sure it was a virginal, professional athlete and I'd feel great, so I'm going with that over homeless guy who needed the cash.


  1. I do so hope you feel better, Kim. My mother-in-law was able to have specific donors come in and donate blood for her. That way she could be sure of the blood supply and those who wished to help were able to do so in a very specific and special way. I was so happy that my blood type was a match as none of her biological children were. If I can help (type O positive), I would be happy to do so.

  2. Hey Kim ...

    If you can do what Lisa (above) suggested and you need A-, let me know ... I'll help in a heartbeat!

  3. thanks you guys, really, that's a great idea because then i could be safe AND write a thank you note. it's killing me that i can't send a thank you note. I'm B+