Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday

Last night Jonah had the "perfect" birthday party. Three kids, chocolate cake, running around like mad in the yard, and then off to the Carriage House for Friday Night Live which is High School students and all the teachers of the company school doing improv. While I took G and his friends here for years and they loved the shows, they never had any interest in participating. When I took Jonah for the first time not long ago, afterwards he said in a very serious tone "let me get this straight... they just get up there and make stuff up? they don't have a script... they don't rehearse?" "Yeah, pretty scary huh?" "Noooooo, that's the coolest thing I've ever heard in my life, I can't believe they let them just make stuff up."

Jonah is taking his first class there now and I'm hoping it's his gateway drug to more and more theater and the Carriage House is quickly becoming a really special place for him, his teacher is a talented and spectacular presence with the kids. The boys laughed their heads off during the show and at the end the whole cast sang the jazziest, most joyful, rollicking, guitar accompanied, festive, happy birthday to Jonah you could imagine.

When we got home I had a purely happy, contented soul on my hands and before bed he came into my room and said "mom, when it's your birthday, you should go to Friday Night Live, because when they sing happy birthday just for you it makes you feel so special." He has repeated this several times since then and I think I will take his advice.

On my 48th birthday, I was several weeks into my diagnosis. If all goes well, on my 49th, I'll be just finishing treatment and hopefully, there will be celebrating, letting go of a rough year, and joyful abandon.

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  1. hooray for joyful abandonment! sounds fabulous! and if we could only speed up to that moment.
    sounds like you've had some good days! :)
    big smiles all around!!!