Monday, March 26, 2012

Blood Pressure

My goodness, I simply can't count how many times my blood pressure has been taken in the last few months. It's always the same... always normal, on the low side, which is apparently good. Blood pressure and pulse, blood pressure and pulse.

Found out today during my "pre-surgical evaluation" that I'll have to wear bandages and a "binder" holding everything in place for a week which means no showers. That's like telling a coffee drinker, no coffee or an alcoholic they can't have a drink. Grateful as all get out for being bald, I can stick my head in the kitchen sink and simulate full body immersion.

It's probably good that the bandages stay on all week, likely best to not get a look at things too quickly. I'm trying to get ready, get things in order, bills paid, house cleaned, but really, I'm just wandering in circles not knowing quite what to do.

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