Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fifteen Minutes

I had 15 perfect minutes today. J is so excited and downright joyful at the prospect of spring. He's been waxing poetic about how nice it will be to sit on the porch and read, not that this is something he's ever done, but none the less. It wasn't quite warm enough today to do that, but he decided to do his homework early {shocking}, and asked if we could go for a "nice" walk up to Cumby's and get an ice cream and so we did. We walked and talked and laughed on a beautiful day and he let me put my arm around him. And, I had the energy to walk a few blocks, small but beautiful thing.

He made me get an ice cream too because J is a fan of shared experience and he was so thrilled that I got one, that I was glad I did, even though I really didn't want one. On the way home he mentioned my surgery and said "you know Griffin really cares about you even though he acts like he doesn't". Out of the mouths of sweet babes. I said "I know", because I really do know, and lately, even Griffin is acting like he cares.

Then he went on to talk about how nice it's been to have so many people helping us out and how people really should help each other out. So people who have been helping us, please know what you've meant to this boy, how reassuring this patchwork community of ours is, it isn't only me who is grateful.


  1. yay for huge small moments!!! yay for 15 minutes...yay for 1 minute...for all the minutes and all the people who care, and yay for ice cream!

  2. You have quite a wonderful young man there (with "old soul" wisdom) - he sure knows how to "connect"! I think he's going to do great things someday~ he sure "gets it"! Thinking of you all~ and grateful for your perfect minutes like this! xo