Thursday, March 8, 2012


I saw my oncologist today and no persuasion was necessary. She agrees that the time has come for a mastectomy and asap. I'll see my surgeon tomorrow and likely schedule some tests and a date. I'm definitely going for a double, the lone pendulous boob is too horrifying to me. It was a long appointment, lots of waiting, and shortly after I got home and was going to hit the couch I got the dreaded school nurse phone call.

J fell at recess and the nurse thought he had broken his wrist. 3 hours, a doctor's visit and impressive stack of x-rays later, he has a slightly sprained wrist happily ensconced in a small, black, ninja looking, in his words "very stylish" brace.

Me, I'm living in hot flash town. Last few days I'm having them all the time, especially at night, which is keeping me up. Thank you chemo for not shrinking my tumor, but for another lovely side effect.


  1. Glad you didn't have to fight for it, and that at least the decision is made.

    Poor J. Tell him we hope he feels better soon. This must interfere with his minecrafting.

  2. Voz: J is fine, MINOR sprain... think he needed a little drama and attention and he's minecrafting away.

    Grace: it's fine, i'm used to the idea, i just want this big ugly tumor out of me. it's amazing what your mind can acclimate to. I'm gonna whine and complain for a few weeks after surgery and then i'll adjust.