Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Guess I over did it a bit in my spring rapture. By 7p.m. my brain locked and I could barely speak or move... both boys said "you should go lay down", it was that obvious. Little dude kept popping upstairs to tell me everything he was doing and then finally joined me in bed to read, so despite fatigue and aches, a perfect day.

Jonah even woke up cheery today, instead of a groan when I woke him up, I got a cheery wave and hello. I think we're all savoring the moment, this winter was such a freaking slog. Tomorrow holds "pre-admission testing" whatever that is, and a mandatory consult with a plastic surgeon.

J says he can't wait to have lot's of dinner parties this summer in the yard because they're soooooo fun. "We have such great friends" he says {and it's true}, so I hope you're all up for a lot of dinners in the yard this summer!

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