Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweaty Skull Syndrome

I am learning so many new things. My latest discovery is Sweaty Skull Syndrome. When a room heats up, the first thing that starts to sweat is your head, if you have hair you don't notice this because your hair absorbs the sweat, or more likely, keeps your scalp cool. If you're bald, you don't notice it either until you touch your head and realize it's soaking wet, needing a mop wet, or until it starts to drip down your forehead.

I am having so much empathy for bald men, because let's face it, men are more likely to be bald, I have the luxury of only walking in their shoes temporarily. I'm imagining the bald guy on a first date, a coffee date, sitting in a café at 10 a.m. when the sun starts to shine in the window he's sitting at. Now, not only does he have to make small talk, he has to worry about whether his dome is heating up. You can't touch it because then you have to wipe your soaking hands on your pants and then just go for it with a napkin, wiping it down. You worry if it's sweating, how much? is it obvious? is it going to drip down between your eyes all while she sits there coiffed and cool as a cucumber. You start praying she'll get distracted and turn away for a minute, or best yet, go to the bathroom so you can take care of it. Poor boys, in high school they have to worry about hard-ons and then some of them have to worry about sweaty heads. I salute you bald men, it ain't easy.

The extra indignity when you're a bald woman doing chemo is that chemo kicks you right over the menopause line and you have hot flashes... constantly. So you can't avoid the sunny café window, it follows you around.

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