Thursday, November 17, 2011

Daily Trajectory

So have you noticed that my posts start out cheery and punchy in the morning and by evening, it's another story? I know i'll feel better tomorrow, but picture this... i have no food in the house because you can't grocery shop when you're at the doctor's 37 hours a day, i burnt my popcorn, my printer won't work, and i'm about to eat a bag of frito's for dinner -- that is just sad. I think you should go out and buy me an iPad, because i think a beautiful iPad would make ANYTHING better.

You might want to start only reading morning posts, I'd understand.


  1. because white is the new black and black is the new white. although black is a little darth vaderish and white is more Starship Enterprise, so i'd have to go with white. how about you?