Monday, November 14, 2011

Miracle Cure

I'm so looking forward to seeing the doctor today because as I walk through the door, I'll be instantly cured of about five different cancers. Over the past few weeks, the innocuous zit on my back has turned into a melanoma. My achy knee, not a common flare-up of a decades old injury, it's bone cancer. Heartburn, lung cancer, and my fuzzy head is not the result of stress and age, it's my new brain cancer.

So I figure today, I'll be instantaneously cured of 5 out of 6 cancers. Dealing with only one will be a piece of cake!

And my appt. isn't until 2, so I get all morning in my studio-happy-place. I heart studio!


  1. all my best for your appt. today - I'll certainly be there with you in my heart! You can do this - I know you can! You're a strong woman and have alot of positive proactive spirit - just keep it going! <3 xoxo I'll be keeping up w/you and sending you all the "bestest" wishes I can muster!

  2. And BONUS, you'll be able to write a book about your cancer cure, entitled "The Five/Sixths Cure", which will become an instant bestseller, the best selling book ever, which will make you rich!

  3. Kim!!! Just read all your posts. I didn't know what a great writer you are. Keep 'em coming and all I can say is FUCK!!!