Sunday, November 13, 2011

Perfect Weekend

One can have a perfect weekend even after they learn they have cancer. One of my oldest, truest-bluest, favorite friends came up from DC for the weekend. We'd planned it ages ago because I'd just been too long and at first I thought the timing sucked, but really it couldn't have been better. Gary, thank you truly, for lending Robert to me for the weekend! And R, just thank you, I love you so much and always will.

I am meeting with a surgeon on Monday and another on Tuesday morning. I've asked everyone I know, friends, doctors, nurses... who asked their friends, doctors, nurses, and one name came up 4 times. She's the Tuesday appt., and while it will be good to compare what they have to say, I suspect I'll be going with Dr. Tuesday.

She works out of Miriam Hospital and that's right up the street from my house and it's comforting, not to mention ridiculously convenient to be so close and I've heard great things about their oncology department. Only in our great neighborhood can you walk to your oncology appointment. I heart Providence.

My I-can-count-on-for-anything friend Cathie is coming to both appointments to be clear-headed and take notes and help me assimilate information because my already fuzzy, forgetful brain is operating at about 6%. Thank you C, for rearranging your schedule and making your already busy week a little busier and thank you for being the smart, savvy person you are, who I know will help me make good decisions.

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