Sunday, November 20, 2011

Been a go-go

Exhausted but exhilarated after a crazy busy weekend culminating in our most successful Craftopia yet. The new space worked like a dream and I am unspeakably grateful to so many supportive friends who went the extra mile to get the event in gear. My {somewhat} efficient brain seems a soggy pom-pom rattling around a big empty space, sticking to the sides and then rolling back down. This show wouldn't have been a go-go without so much gracious assistance. I lack superlatives for my partners in this endeavor and my new studio-mates who are picking up the slack I keep leaving behind.

I remember the day chatting in the shop 2 years ago, we three... I'd been pondering putting on a show, so many people kept suggesting it and it seemed doable, enticing, but there were a million reasons not to, so for the zillionth time, I said, "nope, not gonna to do it"... and just then a spunky old lady came up and said "I just love coming in this shop, you girls should really put on a craft show that's like this but bigger." The timing was too much, so I looked at Soapy-K and Dar {because they were not only right there, but also, the only two I could envision partnering up with} and said "what the hell, I'll do it, but I can't do it alone, are you in?" and they said "sure". I said, dar, you're paperwork, and organization, K-2 you're blogging and head cheerleader, it was as simple as that. Through four events, we've each found our niche and our roles, we've learned so much and met such great people. Each time has been more seamless than the last. Today it was exciting to see a photographer from the Providence Journal there and we were sponsored by the Providence Phoenix. I received a lovely invitation to be on the committee to reinvigorate the crafty portion of the Pawtucket Arts Festival which sadly I had to decline, but it is sure nice to be asked.

I was touched to see favorite gallery owners coming to visit today and friends from so many different parts of my life coming to support the day. Kept getting choked up which, i kind of hate doing. It's taking a lot of energy to stay in the moment and keep it together.

I got to see crafty friends and spend a little time ogling their iPads. Louisa's case is definitely the winner, coolest damned thing I've seen. White iPads each and every one, honestly, i didn't even know there was a black iPad I think someone made that up. I don't think a black iPad is a good idea.

So tonight I'm kicking back watching the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean with Griffin and it's god awful... but I'm not required to move, so it's fine.

Tomorrow at 9 a.m. I trot over to the hospital to get shot up with radioactive something or other, chill out for 3 hours and then have a bone scan. Let's hope it will be as successful an endeavor as today was.


  1. congrats on a successful craftopia! been thinking about you all day.

  2. Great day! Thanks! And for the record my iPad is black. :)

  3. I think you'd do well with some audiobooks to distract you through the testing. (That's if you are able to use such a listening device, I suppose it depends on the test.) I find them to be a great distraction. My tough times aren't the same as yours but when aren't distractions good?

  4. My iPad and its happy new sailcloth DODOcase are happy to have received mention in your blog post. : ) FWIW, I think you should choose your case first, then decide on black or white iPad. It will work as a whole. You have just the eye for it.

  5. Huge hugs to you, Kim! Working with you and Dar on Craftopia couldn't be easier or more fun ;)

  6. dang lisa, i wish i'd seen it. does EVERYONE have an iPad but me?

  7. So glad to hear Craftopia was a screaming success. Sorry I missed it, but thousands of people didn't, apparently! Keep writing -- it's beautiful and really kind of you to keep us all in the know.