Thursday, November 17, 2011

Birthers and Minions of Doom

The blog is being wonky, it' keeps making my "followers" disappear, that's not nice at all.

Have you signed up yet? Because me and my blog want a lot of followers. I told a friend that I wanted followers so I’d feel like Hare Krishna, but maybe it’s more like David Koresh or Mr. What’s-His-Face, the King-of-Koolaid... Jim Jones that’s it. And wait a minute, his name is an alliteration just like mine, spoooooooky.

How do you even know i have cancer, this could all be a cunning ruse to suck you into my blog where you’ll be bombarded with subliminal, mind-altering messages -- in the font, the letter spacing and most certainly between the lines. How do you know it’s for real, have you seen my official biopsy report, the long form OR the short?

Maybe I’m just toying with you, oh my, that would be truly sinister. Simon Barsinister and where, oh where, is Underdog?

Naw, what I'm doing is procrastinating. I have a stack of papers 1/2 thick to fill out before my genetic counselor meeting this afternoon {i mean, homework, come on... not fair}, a big pile of laundry to do and stuff that needs to be lugged over to the studio for the weekend. None of these things are appealing so I'm amusing myself and wasting time : }


  1. I knew it! I knew it was all just some sad cry out for attention! As soon as they reattach my head, I'm coming over there to spank you, bad girl.

  2. oh don't you be fresh on MY blog invader zim.

  3. Ya, i tried to add your blog with the follow link but it doesn't show up on my dashboard :( but you can still count me as one of your minions

  4. dude, figure it out, because it's all about the minions! i almost titled that post Minions of Doom... i might have to use that someplace, i LOVE it!

  5. I will make you a super cape to wear to doctors visits if you like, that will liven things up a bit - no? Just say the word and color scheme....xoxoxxo :)

  6. yes jen, especially if it has pom-poms on it!