Tuesday, September 4, 2012


What do you do when your friendly neighborhood middle school librarian sends you an unexpected email telling you she loves researching and buying cars? You say, yahoo, let’s go. We drove a Toyota, Honda, 2 different Kia’s and a Suburu, and armed with her consumer reports, experience and advice, I got a great deal on a Toyota. Yep, a brand new, pretty, shiny Toyota Rav4. So you wind up with a new car and a new friend. I didn’t expect to buy a new car, I’d totally talked myself into used and made peace with it, but the savings on a used car just wasn't enough to make it worthwhile. And as the year is almost through, I wound up with a better deal on a new car, than some dealers were offering on a used. I’m giddy with excitement, and can’t wait to pick her up on Thursday. I figure anything that makes me giddy right now is worth the expense and as I don’t generally crave material items, I went for it. I’ve been longing for, craving, fantasizing about having a new car for years and after driving my poor second hand van for 11 years and to the bitter end, I am well past excited about my new baby.

Today I had my port-removal surgery. Everything went smoothly, but I’ll admit to being tired of these procedures and feeling like a piece of meat on a table. The drugs were great, I was in a very relaxed place but never fell entirely asleep. I heard the staff talking about where they buy appliances from underneath the drape that was covering my head, as if I was in a tent that had collapsed. They told me not to shower until I come back for a follow up in two weeks, which I'm interpreting as, no worries, shower in the morning as usual. I came home and passed out into many hours of sleep while J spent the afternoon next door and G was at practice. Pizza delivery for dinner and looking forward to getting my pumpkin head back into bed.

I start radiation next week, so there really is little rest for the weary. I got a good time though, 9:30 a.m., not everyone is so lucky. I can finally get into a routine of kids off to school, breakfast, shower, radiation, studio, home for lunch and J return.

Somewhere in there, I’ve really got to get to my taxes and catch up on other areas of neglect. Mostly, I need to go somewhere fun this weekend in my new car!


  1. Yay! New car! Woooo! Enjoy that new car smell! Congratulations!

  2. But you didn't say what color it is! That is important!

  3. that was a dreadful oversight... it's blue... a medium blue. not a good year for car colors.