Thursday, September 20, 2012

No Reason

So long eyebrows, sheesh, just when I think I’m done shedding. Cancer provides one with so many new experiences and much new knowledge, like what it feels like to be without eyelashes and what myriad purposes those little buggers were fulfilling, all while you didn't notice. When I blink, I feel like I’m over-blinking... that without the lashes as stoppers, my top lid droops a tiny bit over the bottom causing a slight burning sensation and tearing. Who knew? It’s quite unpleasant. Just as my head was paler than my face, being used to being sheathed in sun-protective hair, so too is the place where my eyebrows were, making me look somehow in reverse, a negative, 35mm.

I really lucked out with my 9:30 radiation time. My appointment is sandwiched between two lovely women who are similar in age to me {o.k.,I admit, a little younger} and have, not only the same type of cancer as I do, but the same oncologist. They see him at a different hospital which is perhaps why our paths never crossed. We all have the same first initial and are having coffee next week to talk about things like eyelashes falling out and oncology gossip. Anyone who says things happen for a reason can fling themselves on the nearest sword because one of these women, who seems so gentle and kind was diagnosed right after having her second child. So while she was supposed to be revelling in that lovely, new baby time, she finds out she has cancer and starts chemo. The other is a feisty, firecracker with kids both 9 and 11 and a husband who’d been battling Multiple Myeloma, a very serious, bone marrow cancer for several years, when she was also diagnosed with cancer. That shit don’t happen for a reason. He’s currently taken a turn for the worse and she’s trekking to radiation every day and then going to see him in the hospital and then home to the kids. No sir, no reason for that!

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  1. No reason. No reason! You are right.

    This is my favorite post ever, or maybe 2nd to the toilet paper glider one. The way you describe the nitty-gritty body stuff--amazing.

    I'm glad you have your exciting new boarder. That's really cool.