Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Running in Place

I'm running in place, running in place, getting no closer to my destination. Seven hours in the fish tank today, but no chemo, my lab results were all too messed up. Hemoglobin low, white blood cells, those happy little infection fighters almost non-existent {despite those pricey daily shots}, one level after another gone haywire. No surprise after how I've been feeling. So instead of my second to last dose, I spent the day rehydrating {again} and getting blood transfusion #5.

I was disappointed at first, but now I'm relieved by the thought of feeling better and having a good week. A much needed good week. I'm sitting on the porch gulping in the fresh air after a long day in the chair and the stale hospital air.

There was a dormant squirrel nest in the birch tree right in front of me, but a couple of weeks ago it was  claimed and redecorated by a new squirrel who spent the evening hopping from branch to branch, nipping off the fresh green leaves at the end of each to pad the inside of the nest with. I'm calling him little buddy and he's in there right now, I just saw him climb in. Him or her, I don't know, I'm hoping there will be squirrel babies up there, I've never seen a squirrel baby, they must not come out of the nest until they're pretty big.

Since I'm running in place and not going anywhere at least they can keep me company.


  1. http://www.acuteaday.com/blog/tag/baby-squirrel/

  2. "and redecorated" made my day. I'm glad you can anticipate a better-feeling week!

  3. omg, i want baby squirrels!!! and katy, i love briggs crushing on the girl on the beach, too bad she had such tightass parents.

  4. (they were OK. i think they just hadn't met many people and thought everyone did the same things. exactly.)

    have you ever read raising colorado? she loves squirrels, and is funny and beautiful. lots of links to odd squirrel art.

  5. is it for kids or semi-grownups? Jonah's the original squirrel-boy.