Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Price Fixing

I’m experimenting with not going back to bed after I deliver boy to camp in the morning, we’ll see how long that lasts. I was excited about today because I had long standing lunch plans and I rarely plan in advance because I never know how I’ll be feeling, but I knew this would be the hungry day in my chemo cycle, so I made plans. After last weekend, after this whole fucking year, I decided that today was just gonna be a good solid ME day. Usually when I have energy, I go grocery shopping and do the laundry, screw that!

Before my ride came I drove over to the hospital to get my shot where the nurses dropped a bomb. I can’t just pop in anymore, I have to come at my random appointment time, different time every day, who can keep track of that? I wonder if I’ve pissed them off too somehow. This really bums me out, I don’t even write down the appointments and even if I did, I’d still mix them up or forget to go. Now I have to go tomorrow at 9:20, next day at 11:40, some appts. are in the afternoon and conflict with camp pick up, I’ve got to seriously sweet talk those ladies tomorrow because this just isn’t going to work for me.

As I was walking back to my car I heard a horrible scraping sound and when I got there it looked like it was attached to another car, having horrible grinding metal car sex. After the other car extracted itself, the only damage was my side view mirror got knocked off, any scratches and scrapes just blended in with the rest so who cares. The frisky car was driven by a sweet old man who seemed really relieved I wasn’t pitching a fit and as he fumbled to find his papers I asked if he wanted to do the insurance thing or just follow me a few blocks to the service station and pay for it. He seemed really happy to take that route and as we drove over I realized that I’d not even looked at his license plate and he could drive away at any time, except that I was sure that he wouldn’t, and he didn’t.

We sat for a bit in the nice air conditioned waiting room of the garage and made small talk and he sort of gestured towards my head and said, most sincerely “I hope that’s a fashion statement” and I said “no, afraid not, that hospital is my home away from home, that’s why I was parked there.” He said he was really sorry and told me about some long term cancer survivors in his family. The guys at the garage couldn’t write up the bill for him until they got the serial number of the new part, blah, blah, blah, waiting for call backs from the supplier, the warehouse, it was taking a while and I wanted to get back to my good day, and the part would take a few days to come in, so I left him there to wait for the bill and pay and realized again that he could just get up and leave, I’m assuming he didn’t and I really have no doubt. As I left I thanked him for his integrity in taking care of this so graciously.

Twice now, while preoccupied, I’ve backed out of my driveway, straight on into cars parked opposite that are completely in your blind spot if you don’t notice them when you’re getting in your car. Car’s never park opposite my driveway, the street’s too narrow, so no one does it unless there are extenuating circumstances which both times there were. One time I took out a Volvo, painful. Both times, there weren’t any witnesses and I could’ve gotten away with it but both times, I left notes and paid up. I’m glad I did, I could never live with the guilt, so maybe today was a bit of karma. It was good to just settle things so easily. We both knew it was his fault, but no need to be nasty. I was nice as all get out to him and he to me. Civility is a beautiful thing.

Off to lunch where yes indeed, I had lobster. Spicy pasta with lobster in Bristol and got a nice tour of the area from my friend who had family there growing up and knew the area well. What I want to know is that if there’s a glut of lobsters in Maine and they’re selling them off the boat for a buck and change a pound, why isn’t the price dropping in any of the restaurants? You would not believe the price of a tiny lobster roll. I’ve even been googling around for live lobsters and the prices per pound are outrageous. I want a federal investigation into lobster price fixing and price gouging, it’s clearly a vast right wing conspiracy, especially if the name of the villian named Bane in the new Batman movie who was, incidentally, introduced in a comic book in 1993, is a vast left wing conspiracy to defame Mittwitt and his Bain Capital which Rush Limbough is currently screetching about.

Had more to write, but I’m too sleepy, goodnight, sweet dreams all.

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