Saturday, July 28, 2012

Her Royal Grumpypants

Call it cumulative, but I'm done in. I'm so wrecked I considered going to the E.R. for a transfusion today, but such an ordeal, I'm trying to hold out until my regular appointment on Tuesday. I feel badly because I'm just sitting around with the kids this weekend and I feel like it's been so long since we went anywhere and did anything. Can't remember the last time I invited people over. Thought it would be a fun summer of backyard gatherings, they're not so much work, but nothing.

I was supposed to go to the Newport Folk Festival tomorrow, another thing to miss. The disconcerting part is not remembering what it's like to have the energy to live life. I'm constantly watching the clock to see if it's bedtime yet.

We watched the Olympic opening ceremonies last night and gotta say, I didn't get it. Kids in beds? Dancing doctors? Texting musicals, something about a lost phone? And all great reviews today. I thought it was deadly and just plain odd, and not in the good way. I was hoping to read some fun, scathing reviews today, but I guess I'm in the minority here. And the Teletubby hill was so shabby, they could've grown some better grass than that. And the queen, yikes, what a grump. U.S.A.'s uniforms, boring! What's with the berets? Looked so military, but I suppose that's fitting.


  1. Oh, thank God - I thought I was the only one. I did not get that show AT ALL. The constant switching back and forth between the videos and the close-ups (of something that I think was supposed to be appreciated from stadium seating) made my brain hurt. I was watching to see if Bob Costas would say something about the anniversary of the murders in Munich and the denial of the moment of silence (which he did do at the appropriate time) but that show was over-produced and just a complete disconnect for me.

    I'm on my own this weekend; I'll e-mail you about a visit.

  2. i can't imagine being in the stands and any of that making sense since even with narration on tv it just didn't work/make sense....yipes what a waste of effort and music and stuff!

  3. I liked it. The Industrial Revolution made me cry. The queen and James Bond made me laugh. Mr. Bean made me laugh, too. It was very English, which I guess was the point. NBC's coverage sucked; Matt Lauer should just shut up.

  4. you are such a softy C. i thought mr. bean went on way too long and that character gets on my nerves anyway.