Thursday, July 26, 2012


Never celebrate too soon. I had my chemo crash yesterday afternoon and thought all I needed was a good nights sleep, but today I'm sick as a dog, sicker than I've been in quite a while. I finally know to be patient, that it will pass, but it's no fun and I'm just plain sick of being sick. Remarkable how quickly your mood can go from jubilant to despair {and back again}.

My brain is now operating independently from the rest of me, it just does what it wants with no rhyme or reason. It didn't pay my phone bill and then scheduled a payment for some wacky date way down the road, so don't call. It was, however, feeling generous towards my credit card and cable companies because they got payed twice, so that's where my bank balance went.

I'm told it takes a full year for all the chemo to get out of your body. That is a stunningly long time. Who comes and stays for a year?

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