Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bang & Wimper

Shucks, didn't make it until Tuesday. I laid low all day yesterday, rested, and got a lot of sleep. I thought this would be a much better day, so I set about making the promised breakfast-of-happiness for the guys. The bacon was in the oven, but as I whisked the pancake mix, I got out of breath and couldn't regroup. I stood by the open window, leaned on the counter, tried to breathe, but I couldn't. Waves of heat and dizziness and I laid myself down on the kitchen floor. My kitchen floor is not a place you want to lay down, or maybe even walk without shoes.

I finally got myself up and stumbled out to the porch to collapse. I called G out and asked him to turn off the frying pan and the oven, but instead, he made breakfast while I was heaving for breathe out on the porch, head between my knees. He served his scared looking brother a beautiful stack of burnt pancakes which J ate and said were really good and then he made himself a stack of burnt pancakes as I yelled out tips on pancake making from outside. He got the bacon out of the oven and lived to tell the tale. He's been a big help since he got back from camp and just a pleasure to be with.

My next door neighbor who's been my trusty emergency transport brought me to the hospital where I continued to gasp for breathe so they whisked me right in. Turns out I didn't need a transfusion, but was dehydrated and way low on Potassium which I now know is called Hypokalemia. Go figure... Potassium problems.

I'm home now, the kid's are at their father's and despite being pumped full of fluids and Potassium, I still don't feel very well. I think my adventures with chemo are going to go out with a bang instead of a whimper


  1. Hypokalemia. Isn't that a country in Central Asia? I thought I saw them marching in the Parade of Nations during the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Right after Hypoglycemia.

    Sucks about the Potassium. Yay about the neighbor. Super Yay for G.

  2. you don't need hypokalemia! this is no fair. you do have amazing sons. i love that one stepped in and made the pancakes. that's love. feel better.

  3. i just like to brag about the dire sounding names of minor medical issues : }