Monday, December 24, 2012

Jolly Happy Very Merry

My boys returned this morning from their weekend at their dad’s. The big one is a wired, jolly, lunatic and the little one is a sweet, happy elf, although the wired lunacy seems to be infecting him and that’s fine by me. Happy house, festive house, that’s my cup of tea, soon to be a full house, as we have our annual xmas eve soiree. I’ve been enjoying every minute of every day. The past month has been a string of perfect moments, unexpected moments, blissful moments, and tired moments, but I’m able to do so much more than I could a few months ago. Business at the shop has been great, kicking last year’s ass by a mile, and I’m having a full spectrum holiday experience. Sometimes I have a moment of panic, thinking that I’m so happy because it’s going to be my last holiday, or my last healthy holiday and then I just squelch it. I refuse to have that be true, that is just not possible, this phase of life, this chapter is a beginning, not an end. If I could will Jonah into existence despite profoundly flunking the fertility tests, I can will myself into health and enduring remission.

My living room has been sans music for two years, since I let the exiting party take the stereo system and the Bose radio which was rightfully his, a gift to us both, but from his father, so certainly it was right that it go. The only part of the stereo system that was mine was the Pioneer receiver which amazingly I’ve had since my early teens {wish they still made things so well!}, so I just figured he should take the whole thing. The only realms in which I’m brand conscious, because I just believe they make superior products that are worth every penny are Apple and Bose. Sure, I could listen to a thousand sound systems and find something comparable, but nothing’s going to be better or more compact than a Bose, and who’s got the time? But damn, they are expensive and I couldn’t justify the purchase. I’m always pondering it and then backing down, but last week on my way to work, before I even realized what I was doing, I was on 95 north, en route to Wrentham, where I know there is a Bose store. I walked in and out in 10 minutes with a beautiful new Bose wave radio, no regrets, and a little bluetooth accessory from which is streaming full, rich, holiday music from my laptop. Oh heavenly sound, the difference between what comes out of the laptop and what comes from the Bose is profound. I’m in love with the thing, despite it’s temporary home due to my old outlets and the need for an adapter. I’m grateful to my bossy subconscious that just plain took over and bought me this excellent holiday gift. Thank you me.

Wishing everyone a most excellent, very merry, happy holidays and a fine and fabulous new year!

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