Monday, February 10, 2014


Phew. Cancer markers stable, misc. labs heading in the right direction. I didn't realize how tense and nervous I was over the test results until I was waiting in the office, gown on, opening in the front. When I left I was all choked up, I'm still a little choked up. I was supposed to go into work afterwards, but instead went to Wildflour, got a green drink and oatmeal apple square and went to a friends house to play with their puppy, in other words, smelled the roses.

Scuba power, I think it only lasts six months or so, so it's good I'm going away soon to recharge my anticancer power packs. Warm, salt water therapy, that is the secret to long life, I think. My oncologist thinks my shoulder pain is Bursitis. Whatever, don't care, I can deal with pain or discomfort that isn't lethal. I've been extended to five months between oncology visits so that's progress. Ha, I can be in denial in five months increments now. Just kidding, can't catch me, I'm a jellyfish, jellyfish.

As I've been every afternoon for two weeks, I'm listening to the on-hold music on speaker phone of the HealthSource RI help line. This far in the troubleshooting is as far as I ever get... Lots of holding, lots of repeating myself, more holding and eventually, I'll get cut off or be told someone will call me back. I don't want to diss the system, I'm so completely in favor of the healthcare exchanges but I am feeling the pain of this website and understaffing. Rhode Island isn't even the messed up Federal System, it's supposed to be one of the best.

Oh my god, just spent almost an hour between hold and helper, she told me my application was cancelled and to start over. I knew that wasn't going to work, I knew after I did that it would tell me I already had an account. She insisted not, but lo and behold "you already have an account, please log in". When I log in, it tells me my account is closed. And now I'm on hold again, starting fresh, I'll get a new operator, really, I could cry. Tears of joy and then tears of frustration, it's been a full spectrum day.

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