Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dorian Gray

Spiky white hair and receeding hairline, I look like a generic, quasi-european arch-villian from a bad movie, a la Malcolm McDowell, in his self-parody stage. In my former life, before the salt and pepper, I had darkest of dark brown hair, often mistaken for black and a freakishly low hairline. This new look is increasingly disconcerting as it becomes the norm, I slowly forget my former self. That happens with age, was surely happening already, but this kind acceleration is jarring.

I’d planned on watching big one play football on Saturday and taking small one to corn maze and pumpkin patch on Sunday, but weather outlook for Sunday is dismal. Might have to forego HS football {sacriledge}, in favore of outing with little boy who I think needs it more. He’s been winding up in bed with me every night, earlier and earlier, and as he goes to dad’s tonight straight from school, he is lamenting that he won’t see me until after improv tomorrow {now that he walks over with the big kids}. I’m fairly useless in the afternoons with him because I’m so tired and fixated on either closing my eye’s or feeding people, that I feel like we need some quality fun. Always hard to choose between the two, but I figure I can watch the video of the game afterwards with QB.

I’m about to write a press release for Craftopia because it’s overdue and it’s the task I hate the most and am simultaneously worrying about and procrastinating, which is pointless, so just gonna get it over with while I wait for the debate. It’s embarrassing, but the debate is like the superbowl for me, I’m so excited, and I’m fully confident and expecting my team to mop the floor with that weasel-man at the next podium. I realized that Mitt Romney is like Dorian Gray, I used to find him bland and benign, but as he trades his soul for power he gets more dangerous every day. I keep thinking about the trip I took to Boston with G last year to see Obama at a rally and how it will always be one of my most special memories. An amazing thing to share with my son who wanted to go as badly as I did. We were a team that day and we experienced something remarkable, I’m so glad I had that day.

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