Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Star Trek!

Oh Iron Man, poor, poor Iron Man. I thought you were the perfect summer movie, but then I went to Star Trek. A tad iron fisted with the sentimentality, originally so subtle and beautiful between Kirk and Spock, but no less meaningful, maybe more so for the subtlety, and this new Uhura is irritating, they should have kept it at flirtation between her and Spock, but despite these criticisms, Star Trek is still getting a perfect 10. What else can you give a movie that makes you repeatedly laugh out loud, spontaneously start clapping, and gasp out loud over and over. I was a grinning idiot through the whole movie. I sat on the edge of my seat with an idiot grin on my face almost from start to finish. My few other complaints I’m flushing down the toilet, I’m still giving it a ten because Griffin loved it too and we just plain had a great time and if previously mentioned ticket prices weren’t so damned high, I’d go see it again and again.

Such a great long weekend, I feel like I’ve been on vacation. Yeah, I should’ve worked on my taxes and attended to myriad other things, but I slept late, I relaxed, I watched movies, I could use another few days, but at least I feel more prepared for the waiting chaos of the week.

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