Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lymphatic Drainage

Can you think of anything that sounds worse than having Lymphatic Drainage performed upon your poor self? Well, that’s a book not to be read by it’s cover. Lymphatic Drainage helps prevent Lymphodema, a dreadful condition anyone who’s had their lymph nodes tampered with is at risk for, so lymphatic drainage is recommended, and it’s heavenly, quite heavenly. It involves a dark room and a specially trained masseuse who gently massages the lymphatic system, especially the side of the missing node(s), to get the remaining lymph nodes to stop freaking out and clustering, hence blocking the drainage purpose they perform. It’s only one step down from a full body massage, but unlike deep tissue, it’s soft and gentle, so relaxing and totally covered by insurance. You recommend I come once a week? Well, okey-dokey, sign me up!

That was a few days ago. Today I had my hair colored, sorry, but I had to throw in a little purple because every time I passed a mirror I said “hi nana”. I had higher self-esteem being bald than with the short, curly gray, granny-doo. Maybe once it gets longer I’ll leave it be, but during this phase, it needed a little pick me up. After I left the salon, I spontaneously went for my first ever pedicure. Yep, went almost 50 years without a pedicure because I'm terrible about doing things just for myself, and was afraid they’d laugh at my pudgy little toes on my wide duck feet. Additionally, I thought it best not to draw attention to the little piggies, but I’ve been so wanting to have colored toenails, I finally did it. I meant to do some shade of pink to match my flip-flops, but wound up with light blue, it just seemed like the right thing to do at that moment, so I went with it, and I’m newly infatuated with my silly little toes. Some day I’ll work up the courage for a manicure. My feet were finished just in time to fetch little boy from school, feed him, hear about his day and then...dun, dun, dunnnnn... I left him home on his own for three whole hours which is a first, so I could go see tall one pitch a game. Taking J to G's baseball games is a master misery for all involved.

Such a beautiful day to sit outside. I missed G's whole baseball season last year which I felt really bad about. I went to one or two games, but didn’t last long, didn’t have the energy to sit on the bleachers feeling naseaus and like I would fall off from dizziness. Just walking was such an effort. The tall boy invited me to his game and reminded me about it repeatedly throughout the last week, and I was so glad to go. He pitched a great game and it’s been so long since I saw him pitch, I was shocked by how hard he’s throwing.

Today was a good day. Three more until we get on the plane and fly off on our adventure, much to do, but really enjoyed all of the day's detours, I can be productive tomorrow.

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